Accelerating Desirable Futures

by Solving the World’s Most Wicked Challenges

Our mission

Our mission is to envision, orchestrate and accelerate desirable futures worldwide by addressing complex systems-level challenges at the intersection of academia, industry, and policy.
Our toolkits (tools, methods and systems) aim to orchestrate complex multi-stakeholder ecosystems to help established firms, governments, universities and new ventures to better address today's urgent systemic challenges in areas like climate and economic renewal.

Imperial College Business School, in partnership with the Royal College of Art and leading global industry players, has established Wicked Acceleration Labs.

1. We use collective imagination to envision desirable futures. 

2. We skillfully orchestrate resources, capabilities, and ecosystems to empower holistic problem-solving. 

3. We accelerate the implementation of solutions that address the world's most complex challenges.

How we can help you

Our world faces intricate and pressing problems. These challenges call for a grand coalition that includes industry, academia, government, and civil society. At Wicked Acceleration Labs, we work to equip these sectors with tools, methodologies, and processes to help address these complex systems-level global challenges. To solve these wicked challenges, there is a need for agile, adaptive, and systems-level interventions that involve the collaboration of diverse stakeholders, transcending international borders, industries, and governments. 

We provide support to address the varying needs of different stakeholders:
Innovation Managers
For corporate strategy departments and innovation managers seeking radical and disruptive solutions, we offer specialized assistance in designing and orchestrating your moonshot programs. Elevate your innovation initiatives with our strategic guidance and support.
R&D Managers
If you're an R&D Manager, leverage our expertise to strategically de-risk your future technology development using deep tech speculative design. Elevate your potential to develop a concept, secure investment, and offer specialised support.
Non-Profits & NGO’s
Servicing non-profit organisations and social enterprises dedicated to the UN's SDGs, we can provide you with the tools to effectively engage in ecosystem collaboration with established companies, startups, and government entities.
New Ventures
Collaborating with new ventures seeking to accelerate growth and expand business, our platform can support you in understanding your product-market fit, identifying your systems impact, and navigating industry accelerators.
Policy Makers
We support policymakers in tackling significant systems-level challenges, and we provide policymakers with tailored frameworks, tools, and methodologies designed to effectively navigate ecosystem complexity and open innovation models.
University Centers
We support university labs, centres, Technology License Offices (TLOs), and Knowledge Exchange (KE) leaders in their efforts to expedite the commercialisation of research. Our assistance includes providing unique wicked acceleration frameworks and a comprehensive toolkit tailored for deep tech acceleration and speculative design.

What we offer

We bring together global leaders in academia, industry, and government to address complex challenges. We provide a variety of toolkits, methods, and initiatives to accelerate the creation of desirable futures:
Scale 360: Supporting International Communities in Achieving Circularity
Scale360°'s tested methodology and Circular Innovation Playbook

Global Application of this methodology to any local context

See how circular innovation can redefine your community's future
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Deep-Tech Acceleration Sprint: Cross-sector Innovation for the Future
Explore the impact of deep tech solutions on some of the worlds most pressing problems

streamline innovation, transforming ideas into action and de-risk strategies

Gain entrepreneurship skills and maximizing potential for innovation
More info
Wicked Acceleration Module: Enabling Learners to Tackle the Worlds Most Pressing Problems
Explore Dynamic approaches to tackling wicked problems

engage with experts from Imperial college London and other wicked Acceleration labs partners

develop innovative solutions tackling the worlds most complex and systems-level challenges
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Coropoate Acceleration Symposium: Showcase of Experts in Industry and Academia Solving Wicked Problems
explore the ways industry experts and thought leaders are tackling some of the worlds most pressing challenges

Network with changemakers tackling wicked problems through academia, Industry, and Policy

case studies and fireside discussions teaching key learnings of solving wicked problems
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Xploratory Alpha Health: Envisioning the Future of DIgital Mental Health and Wellbeing
Helping organizations in mental health adopt "moonshot" strategies and mission-driven approaches

Alpha Health is dedicated to revolutionizing chronic disease management.

Alpha Health Lab enhances organizational strategy by exploring, envisioning, and prototyping across various contexts.
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Proprietary Toolkits: Our Suite of Solution Models and Frameworks to Solve Wicked Challenges
Assessment of your current corporate venturing and intrapreneurial activities

Development of an end-to-end process from ideation up to scaling

Design of your Organisational Structure and Incentives to sustain Your solutio
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Challenges We Explore

Wicked Acceleration Labs works to support institutions in achieving the United Nations 16 Sustainable Development Goals. We have four domains where we focus our projects and research:
We are fortunate enough to have a growing number of exceptional partners contributing to solving wicked challenges.

Simply get in touch and start a discussion!

If you have a wicked problem to solve, a shift to circular economy, a complex ecosystem to navigate, a sustainability challenge or simply wish to discuss how you can get involved as a potential collaboration partner, then get in touch so we can explore next possible steps.

Who we are

Our team of experts bringing their wealth of skills and expertise from a wide range of background.
Executive Education and Knowledge Exchange Lead at Royal College of Art

Nick de Leon

Executive Education and Knowledge Exchange Lead
royal college of art

Erkko Autio

Chair in Technology Transfer and Entrepreneurship
Imperial college london
Nicolas Rebolledo Service Design

Nicolas Rebolledo

Design for Policy Platform Leader
royal college of art

Cristobal Garcia Herrera

Research associate & Corporate Acceleration Lead
imperial college business school

Mike Pinder

Honorary Practice Fellow and Lecturer
imperial college business school

Christopher L Tucci

Professor of Digital Strategy and Innovation
imperial college business school
John Makepeace Service Design research associate

John Makepeace

Service Design Research associate
royal college of art
Mattia Gobbo Service Designer

Mattia Gobbo

Service Design Research associate
royal college of art

Institutions involved

Imperial College Business School, in partnership with the Royal College of Art and leading industry players, has established Wicked Labs.
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