Wicked Problems, System Dynamics & Entrepreneurial Innovation

With steve Blank
11 June - 12 July, 2024

Dr. Cristobal Garcia Herrera
Program Director, Senior Teaching Fellow
& Researcher

Steve Blank
Former Serial Entrepreneur, Godfather
of Lean Startup & Adjunct Professor at Stanford


The Imperial Wicked Module is a one-month programme for Imperial College Business School students, where we will introduce participants to a unique set of frameworks, approaches, and tools curated to address 'Wicked problems’. This program provides students with a variety of workshops and hands-on mentorship with experts in academia and leaders in the industry.

We partner with organisations; public, private, and even new ventures to explore these complex challenges within areas such as sustainability, energy transition, circular economy, space exploration, AI and the future of workforce, healthcare, migration, economic recovery & (inter)national security & more.

Solutions to Your Wicked Problems

We’re seeking partner organisations to present a challenging wicked problem to solve within your organisation, industry or region.

Imperial Business School Students spend 1 month working on producing solutions to one or more of your organisation’s wicked problem(s).

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